Inspire sport managers to become ethical leaders

Help sport managers to learn to identify and tackle various threats to the integrity of sport by using good governance and ethical leadership principles. The project consists of the SG3-Game, Workshop and Action Plan.

About the game

Do you have what it takes to be a sport manager

  • Are you transparent
  • Are you democratic
  • Are you accountable
  • Are you socially responsible
  • Are you really an ethical leader

We will see if you play the Sport good governance game

A realistic and interactive computer simulation

Participants need to make choices to tackle sport specific (doping, match-fixing, unsporting behaviour, …) and non-sport specific threats (gender equity, interpersonal violence, mediatisation, …). The aim of the project is to help sport organisations and sport managers in their battle against these threats by using good governance and ethical leadership principles.

What our players say

Sport Manager

Rugby - Luxembourg

Playing the game was really interesting, it provokes questions and solves problems.

Sport Manager

Football - France

I mostly enjoyed the group processes and discussions that arise at each dilemma.

Sport Manager

Handball - Germany

It definitely helps the employees of a sports clubs to realize how important good governance is.

Sport Manager

Ice-skating - Luxembourg

I liked the actions and personal plan I received in my mailbox.

Student Sport Management


It's a fun way to see how difficult it can be to practice good governance.

Student Sport Management


It helps to understand different aspects of good governance taking place in a board.


Want to become a game leader and guide the game in your country, sport organisation or university?
Want to play SG3 in your country with your sports organisation?